Praying for the “peace of Jerusalem”

Good morning my friends – most important alert to be praying for the “peace of Jerusalem” – WATCH the enclosed news link. We just received notice this a.m. of a civil defense drill that will take place all over the nation of Israel beginning Sun and go thru Wed. Every Israeli home/building has a bomb shelter (inlcuding my apt). We will be stocking it with water , etc. Gas masks are being issued to all resident of Israel – guests in the country must purchase their own. If we come under attack, all communications for the public will be shut down. Please pray that the Lord will direct me as to where to purchase one (if necessary). No fear – just prudent prayer and waiting on the Lord is required for direction as well as intervention in the lives of His children. The other lady staying here at the apt. with me and Lyn was told by the Lord to say good-bye to all her friends as she would not be returning to England. She had planned to leave in late July this year – we’ll wait and see what our Lord will do. I am seeing some things about to unfold as I am writing this email – I appreciate your continued prayers and please feel free to forward any clear “word” from the Lord.
I apologize that this is a general letter and not very personalized, however, I am sure you understand the necessity. May the God of Israel bless and keep you all in His hands and in His Heart! In His Love, Mary Jean

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